The Warthogs (TM) Motorcycle Club was established on May 8th, 2001 in Detroit, Michigan. The founding members of this club consist of active and retired city and federal Law Enforcement Officers that were formerly members of the Wild Pigs Motorcycle Club established in California in 1987. Due to a legal war regarding rights to ownership of the name and logo by a private enterprise, the National Membership of the WPMC was forced to disband or become a franchise of R&R Enterprises. These options led to the division of the Original Wild Pigs into several different Public Safety Motorcycle Clubs.

Having reviewed the options of joining one of the new clubs formed, or beginning with a fresh new start, the Detroit Chapter of the Original Wild Pigs concluded that we did not want to be ‘Iron’ and we did not want to be ‘Pigs’. So a new club was formed. We hold no grudge or animosity to anyone for the past and would like to thank R&R Enterprises, because if not for them, we would not have evolved from pigs to WARTHOGS.

Our primary goals in becoming a Public Safety motorcycle club are to develop a bond between Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and Officers of the court, to assist Officers and Firefighters in time of need and to assist the orphans and widows of those who lost their life in the line of duty.

We are a non-profit organization that supports “ALL” Public Safety and Military Motorcycle Clubs and will respect the colors they wear. We are not affiliated with Harley Davidson nor any other motorcycle company. However, in support of American made motorcycles, we require our members to own and operate a V-twin motorcycle manufactured by a North American Owned Company.

Our logo signifies what we, as former Wild Pigs, represent today, as a result of the legal battle. The skull signifies a wild pig stripped of his hide (colors) being raised from the ashes of the “War of the Pigs” by the mythical Phoenix (the emblem of immortality), only to appear as that of a WARTHOG skull, a larger, stronger, meaner ass kicking hacochoerus aethiopicus than the North American wild pig. Above the skull is proudly displayed the Law Enforcement Shield and Star accompanied by the Firefighters cross.


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